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Consultoria Imobiliária

Much has been said about the assignment of Golden Visas (Golden Visas).

But what are, in fact, these seen? What are the advantages?

 The real estate market grows sustainably in Portugal. From north to south of the country, whether in options of apartments, houses, farms, remodeling and land. The attraction of international investors is brutal, who see the country with an immensely positive scenario, with legal, economic, political and social stability and a level of public security of the best in the world.

 Real estate mediation is a fundamental tool to bridge the gap between buyer / investor and seller.
Our business format is different from most. We believe in a win-win relationship, tailor made format. As a boutique, we work with our customers, generating a unique synergy in the search for the best options and best results. We accompany the client from the beginning to the end of the deal, advising him in all stages, from the choice of the property, strong negotiation, competition at the time of financing and strategies to value each euro invested.

Our satisfaction is to provide the customer with a great deal. We serve customers from all over the world!

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